MCC is focused on changing the stigma of cannabis via the emerging legal cannabis market by bringing activism and industry together, while moving to the forefront of business.

We formulate our solutions to meet your individual needs

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Secure a state-issued operating license

Wealth of knowledge & experience

Our top priority is delivering a  positive customer experience with the utmost attention to product, public, and patient safety. Our goal is teach our clients how to produce excellent  quality products with the lowest cost of production, delivered to customers with an incomparable focus on customer service.

Missouri Cannabis Consultants  will guide  your efforts with regard to your state’s application process with the goal of helping your team secure a state-issued operating license. Our team will provide a cultivation and/or dispensary operations guide, lead your facility design process, and provide operating plan guidance as required to demonstrate viability within an application. Our proven facility planning and operations experience has successfully distinguished our client’s applications in this emerging industry.

We have experience working within both broadly regulated and tightly-regulated application environments.  We are excited to have cannabis law reform activists on staff, as they bring an extra level of experience to navigating state licensing hurdles.  We have experience in the application process in several states, including: Colorado ,Maryland, California, Washington, and Arkansas. As each state mangles the process differently, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in working through an application and believe in an “on the ground” approach – ensuring you receive support when it matters most. As a result, our advisers have successfully filed winning cultivation and dispensary applications across several states.

You May Only Have One Shot

The industry, as we know it, is only 22 years old. The regulations and laws surrounding it are always revolving, appearing maze-like as entrepreneur’s try to navigate the process.  It is expected to underestimate how difficult  the cannabis business licensing process is. Applying for and obtaining a license in your state is the first hurdle, and the game often resembles a high-stakes poker game.  As regulations change quickly, it is vital to have a experienced guide, with hands on experience and knowledge within the industry.

Once the final draft of your state’s regulations has been completed, it is time for you to be prepared and determined to be one of the early winners of a license.

It is common for a state to only give a few licenses to winners in this first round, and then wait several years before allowing for more businesses. States may not issue additional licenses until the program has matured and been evaluated. There is also the chance that legislation can change; as such, regulations will follow suit.

“Applying for and obtaining a license in your state is the first hurdle, and the game often resembles a high-stakes poker game.”

In addition, Missouri Cannabis Consultants  offers marijuana business consulting, providing all aspects of the industry, from first-timers to already established business owners a road-map to setting up a successful cannabis corporation. We work with specialists, including experienced license holders, architects, insurance providers, and financial specialists, who are well-versed, in the maze of marijuana business creation and operation.  We can help you structure your business, open a retail location, walk you through the application process and compliance, and provide financial estimates. Our business consultants will help take the guesswork out of establishing your business.  Whether you are looking to open a dispensary​, ​cultivation, or extraction center, or just want a road-map on working within the brand new industry, Missouri Cannabis Consulting can help you through any stage with a variety of personally tailored solutions!